My Private Welfare

We work to innovate people’s experience in increasing their steady income, for the future.

A Longer Life does not always mean a Good Life, but a better time is possible.


Many working-age people realize they must put aside a lot of savings because they will live a lot, and state and private welfare will not be enough.

To nullify their longevity risk, people need to save more than they do today. They need new revenue to add to the current ones to do so. This will also help them have a better present time.

They need to find innovative ways to break free from their income position. To do this, they need know-how.

MPW has created 9 tools to bridge the skills gap on income. The turnkey tools have been structured to be suitable for everyone to overcome any cultural discrimination, due to being born and having lived in unfavorable contexts.

Our program accompanies the subscribers to deepen basic knowledge as an essential condition for managing the quality of life.

Therefore, to help build a solid future, our attention is focused on strategic aspects rather than execution, now widely available via the web.

Our goal is to enable everyone to determine their financial future consciously. We work to open up new access opportunities by overcoming those barriers that discriminate due to limited financial training received.


Covid was a shock for everyone; for some it was the reason to leave their comfort zone to make their experience and resourcefulness available to those who needed it. Especially the new generations who have to deal with a much more unpredictable and complicated reality than their grandparents and parents.

The main gap to be filled is the insufficient economic and financial education due to the fact that chance has meant that the majority of people are born and live in an unfavorable context. Randomness is therefore the undeserved discriminant that condemns the majority of people to an unsatisfactory life.

On this front, MPW is committed to identifying solutions to raise the quality of life in the distant future, strengthening the present one. It is focused on researching and providing tools, suitable for everyone, to gain awareness and innovate people’s experience to activate more revenue, to have more to set aside.

MPW takes into great consideration the many aspects linked to the user experience, remembering to always put the human being at the centre, maintaining a constant ethical commitment.

MPW does not provide financial advice, sell financial products, open accounts or solicit deposits. It is not responsible for implementing the information provided, for which we recommend that you seek independent assistance from your trusted financial advisor.

MPW Economic Wellbeing Booster