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Our business is the improvement of people's economic Well-Being

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We help ordinary people create extraordinary results.

In building their own bridge to a quality future.

Each on their own.

You Only Live Once. 

How to build a bigger future. 

Boost your Quality of Life.

You are ready to get more. 

Many people, since no one can choose, were born and lived in social contexts that did not provide them with a valid economic-financial education.

This reality constitutes an unjust discrimination that penalizes their well-being throughout their lives.

MPW works to fill this gap, providing simple tools suitable for everyone, awareness and action to improve one's quality of life.

On MPW people can leverage to have, at every stage of their life, the money needed to live better.

We provide a simple solution to all those who would like to set aside to build their very solid future, but have no money to do so.

There are two main obstacles that lower people's Quality of Life:

1 - Lack of money to build a solid future

This explains why many people risk having years in which their quality of life will worsen significantly. In fact, starting today:

a - they don't have money to set aside for prevention for the near future, for the medium future and, above all, for the distant future.

b - or the money would be there, but they don't have the psychological willingness to penalize the current financial routine by giving up some expenses.

c - or the money is there, it must not penalize the current financial routine, but it is not considered important to set it aside for such a distant future.

MPW solution

Reduce the cost of economic prevention provisions to zero, thanks to new passive income and therefore without penalizing the current financial routine and overcoming every psychological obstacle.

2 - Lack of consistency to achieve goals

People are used to starting many things (diet, drinking, smoking, sports, etc.) and completing few or none of them.

It is a natural process due to the weakening of the level of attention as time passes and with the many things of daily life.

However, when economic prevention is carried out through provisions, this must not happen otherwise it is impossible to have results in line with expectations.

Therefore, great vigilance is needed to ensure that additional income does not unconsciously enter into the daily financial routine and become greater expenses.

MPW solution

Just as in the gym you need a strict personal trainer if you want to achieve results, so in the economy you need an accountability partner who accompanies you for years. until the goal is reached.

The future, day after day, gets closer, until it becomes your present, and from that moment on, not having all the money you need will be neither beautiful, nor comfortable.


1 - FOR YOU: MPW $urplus Program 

plus passive income, starting today, to have more money to set aside

MPW plans to offer tools for generating passive income, such as Cash-Back Navigator and Surplus Navigator. These channels can provide a small income stream, which can be combined with others to build the capital needed for financial freedom after leaving the workforce.

Additionally, MPW has decided to activate,directly, a constant flow of new passive income through its $URPLUS PROGRAM.

MPW rewards subscribers who refer friends and family to subscribe, saving on marketing costs. This is not an activity but simply the sharing of the experience through effective word of mouth.

The bonus for each new subscriber repeats monthly, creating a constant stream of passive income.

MPW has innovated the bonus system by dividing it into two levels, making the potential monthly revenue more coherent.

In addition, MPW offers its model for free to companies that want to grow through word of mouth as part of its $urplus Movement, adding social value.

2 - FOR YOU: MPW Accountability Partner

the digital certainty, from today, of achieving your goals

The noise of the world and the many things that take priority in our daily lives cause many goals that we would like to achieve to fail.

People have good intentions, but then, when they take action, they are unlikely to achieve their goal. So people start many things, but achieve few or no goals.

This must not happen when you set aside for your future security of having the Quality of Life you desire, when you leave the world of work. Otherwise you will have to face years of senile, uncomfortable or even nightmarish destitution.

So it is vital to reach the goal. You need something that keeps you focused on the goal, like in the gym where your personal trainer forces you to be consistent.

MPW has created a digital Accountability Partner that helps you achieve your ultimate goal. You will be able to manage it independently because it is easy to use. Plus you will have the advantage of being able to use it for any of your goals.


and in these areas, it provides you with an ECOSYSTEM OF TOOLS to achieve the wellbeing you desire.

1 - MPW Contribution for more income

2 - How Achieving Goals

3 - Active Income Booster

4 - How to Live on Income & Early Retirement

5 - Passive Income Booster

6 - Physical Wellbeing Booster

7 - Quality of Life Protection

8 -  Progressive Update

9 - Wealthy Booster

For more details, see the Our Purpose page


MPW is rooted in extending the longevity dividend to all people, bridging the cultural divide, to increase their economic well-being.

Making the recovery of differences a core social value.

Focuses on intergenerational engagement to mobilise people of all ages across their lifecourse.

Generation Z 

 12 months free for under 25s

Corporate $urplus Movement

MPW works to ensure that building a strong future to protect against longevity risk is within everyone's reach and not just something for the rich who already know what to do and can afford it.

The objective of the $urplus Movement is to increase support for individuals 

by bringing together other companies that already pay by word of mouth, on this topic.

 The reason for the commitment starts from the observation that no one can choose where to be born or where to grow up. Therefore, those who happen to be born and grow up in social contexts in which there is no habit of transmitting economic-financial education are destined to live a life of a quality that is certainly lower than that which they would have had if they had been born where this habit is rooted.

It is clear that this is casual discrimination, therefore unjust and undeserved, which MPW takes as a social duty to neutralize and makes it its mission.

We are at the beginning of a long process that has a lot of potential for development. MPW is open to proposals and suggestions.

  Join the Movement!

MPW,  simple methods for living better!